Commercial Composting

Although institutions and commercial facilities face social and environmental challenges with waste creation, a customized Hungry Bin onsite installation can mitigate these impacts.  A modular system free from utility connections, the Hungry Bin’s worm composting technology provides a cost-effective closed-loop solution for a range of business to assist with waste reduction.   Start boosting your organizations LEED and ESG qualifications today with the Hungry Bin worm farm.

Why you need the Hungry Bin for your business

Create a Circular System

  • The Hungry Bin waste reduction system does not require power, water or a sewerage connections like many other organic waste processing solutions.
  • Hungry Bins can be fitted onto a custom metal rack, meaning reducing waste can be stored and efficiently organized for any sized business.
  • Twenty-four Hungry Bin units fit into a standard car park space and will process up to 18 tonnes of waste per year.

On-Site Waste Transformation

  • Enhance your businesses social and environmental standing (LEED and ESG) with a sustainable onsite closed-loop waste management solution from the Hungry Bin.
  • Eliminate weekly waste management collection fees by diverting cafeteria food waste into the Hungry Bin system processed onsite.
  • Divert select paper products including paper towels, shredded paper and cardboard from costly waste collection schedules to a valuable carbon source for onsite worm composting.

Cost-Effective Waste Reduction

  • Turn cafeteria food waste into high quality worm castings powering onsite veggie gardens for employee lunches.
  • For Greenhouse and Farm operations, recycle plant and other onsite green waste into natural nutrient-rich fertilizer that can boost crop yield.
  • Hungry bins can be supplemented with a range of organic wastes to calibrate your specific fertilizer ratio requirements. For example, seaweed can be added to ensure the completed fertilizer contains trace nutrients like selenium and iodine.
  • The worm castings developed onsite can be integrated into compost teas applied to campus ornamental trees and shrubs reducing fertilizer costs and managing plant pests and disease.

Community Stories

Tenfold Harvest

Working with a corporate client with a large campus and onsite cafe, we saw a need to provide an
onsite, closed loop, sustainable solution to food waste. We decided on the use of vermicomposting to
capture pre-consumer food waste and bought Hungry Bins for our corporate site. We could not be more satisfied with these bins as they have an aesthetic clean look, are sturdy and well manufactured and the composting worms thrive in these bins. Harvesting the worm castings is a straightforward and simple process. I love these bins not only for my clients but for my personal use at home as well.

-Emy Terusa, Tenfold Harvest CEO, Orange County, California

Aspen Road Organics

The Hungry Bin is a game-changer. My Vermicompost company is currently running 144 breeder bins.
However, I also utilize 8-12 Hungry Bins as well. They are a perfect combination. Large capacity, small
floor footprint, little maintenance, indoor and outdoor compatible, self-draining, and very forgiving.
They are great for residential and commercial purposes. I buy in bulk from Scot at Greentools. He's always been professional, informative, and supportive. If you're on the fence about the Hungry it. You won't regret it.

-Marc Arvisais, Aspen Road Organics, Rivers, Manitoba.

Meeteetse Conservation District

When I first became interested in vermicomposting I knew I was going to have to find a bin designed to be productive indoors due to the cold-winter climate here in Wyoming.  Not only do our Hungry Bins sustain a healthy wiggler population year-round but they help us return nutrients to local garden soils instead of losing them to the landfill.  I just wish I had enough space for 50 Hungry Bins!

-Steffen Cornell, Manager, Meeteetse Conservation District, Wyoming

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Provide a closed loop solution for your business

A customized Hungry Bin onsite installation can mitigate the social and environmental challenges with
waste creation faced by institutions and commercial facilities. A modular system free from utility connections (power/water/sewer), the patented worm composting technology provides a cost-effective closed-loop solution for a range of businesses to reduce waste haulage costs.

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