From Scraps to Splash: A Guide to the Liquid Harvest from your Hungry Bin

From Scraps to Splash: A Guide to the Liquid Harvest from your Hungry Bin

Composting is not just about turning kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil; it's also about tapping into the liquid gold that your Hungry Bin produces. A well-fed and thriving bin can yield approximately half a litre (one pint) of liquid per day – a powerful elixir for your plants. However, ensuring the steady flow of this precious juice requires a bit of attention.

Optimal Production and Drainage:

For optimal liquid production, it's crucial to maintain a healthy worm population and feed your bin regularly. The liquid should always have the freedom to drain from the bin, ensuring a continuous supply. If you find the drip tray dry, your bin might be too arid. Consider adding water to the mix and checking for blockages in the filter tray caused by paper or plastic.

Sun Exposure Matters:

The sun, while essential for life, can be a nemesis for your liquid harvest. Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight may lead to decreased production. If this happens, relocate your Hungry Bin to a shadier spot to keep the juice flowing consistently.

How to Use the Liquid Fertilizer:

The liquid gold from your Hungry Bin is a potent fertilizer, and the best part is, a little goes a long way. Mix one part of the liquid with ten parts water, creating a nourishing solution for your plants. Sprinkle this concoction onto the soil around your green companions, and watch them thrive on the benefits of natural, homemade fertilizer.

Preventing Evaporation Woes:

If you notice that the juice is evaporating before you can make use of it, a simple solution awaits. Place a suitable jug or bottle under the floor to catch the elixir. Adding a funnel to the neck of the bottle enhances the collection process, ensuring you capture every drop of this precious liquid.

No Juice? Patience is Key:

For those who have started their Hungry Bin with commercial compost mix or potting mix, it might take some time for the compost to become fully saturated and the liquid to start flowing. Expedite the process by sprinkling a little water from a watering can over a couple of days until you witness the liquid gold streaming from your Hungry Bin.

Unlock the full potential of your composting journey by not just composting but also by harnessing the liquid rewards. The juice from your Hungry Bin is not just waste runoff; it's a powerful elixir that can transform your garden into a thriving oasis. Embrace sustainability, nurture your plants, and let the liquid gold flow!

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