School Composting

Empower the next generation with hands-on environmental education through school composting programs. Schools across North America are embracing the benefits of combining nutrition, environmental awareness, and teamwork in engaging garden programs. Discover how the Hungry Bin combines the science of vermiculture with gardening, allowing students to engage with the lifecycles of nature while fostering crucial lessons in environmental stewardship and waste reduction.

Why choose the Hungry Bin for your school?

Interactive Learning

  • Easy for Children to operate, the Hungry Bin is a continuous flow-through worm composter so it does not rely on turning, stirring or mixing like a conventional composter.
  • The lid is at a handy height so you can put scraps in easily. No need to struggle with shifting trays or do any heavy lifting, simply harvest the castings from the tray when ready.
  • Engage children with the science of Vermiculture.  The Hungry Bin is a user-friendly laboratory for teaching compost worm breeding cycles from cocoons to juveniles.
  • For school greenhouse programs, recycle plant and other onsite green waste into the Hungry Bin yielding natural nutrient-rich fertilizer for crops.
  • Foster a sense of environmental stewardship communicating waste management principals and strategies.
  • Build life skills around delegation, teamwork and stewardship.  The Hungry Bin promotes ownership of outcomes as worms become pets.

On-Site Waste Transformation

  • Divert select paper products including paper towels, shredded paper and cardboard from costly waste collection schedules to a valuable carbon source for onsite worm composting.
  • Eco-Friendly: You will be saving Cafeteria food scraps from going into the land fill. Let Hungry Bin transform your school Cafeteria waste into a valuable resource for a school garden.
  • Safe from chemicals and allegiants, The Hungry Bin is manufactured from food grade polypropylene with organic colourants and comes in a food grade stability package.
  • Pupils of all ages find the bins easy to use. A rack of 8 hungry bins can process up to 2.5 tons
    of food waste a year.
  • Hungry Bin is the perfect solution for processing organic waste in schools. The system is simple and convenient. 
  • Hungry Bins are easy to maintain, and produce a high-quality liquid fertilizer and vermicast for use on the grounds or gardens.  It does not smell or attract vermin such as rats or mice.

Community Stories

John Knox Ranch

John Knox Ranch is a summer camp and retreat center located in central Texas. In the summer, we feed
150 people 3 meals a day. That's a lot of food scraps! We utilize Hungry Bins and red wigglers to
compost our food scraps and make nutrient-rich vermicompost at the same time. The Hungry Bin is the
most flexible and easiest worm bin to manage for large quantities of food scraps. We are very satisfied
and so are our worms!

--Henry Owen, John Knox Ranch, Fischer, Texas

Yerba Buena High School

Our school garden's Hungry Bins have helped divert hundreds of pounds of cafeteria food scraps out of the waste stream and into the worm stream! Our garden thrives on the castings and our students learn
the value of vermicompost. The bins are doing great!

-Karen Lo, Yerba Buena High School, San Jose, California.

West End Elementary

West End Elementary began our journey with vermicomposting and the Hungry Bin in 2018 as part of our mission to have an innovative pollinator-focused STEM program.  Teaching the process of vermicomposting to elementary-aged students has been very fulfilling from watching students excited to "save the worms" to using the compost tea and castings in our pollinator garden.  West End teachers maintain the bins and have found the design easy to use and keep up with.  With the COVID-19 school shutdown in 2020, the West End school community was concerned what would happen to the WEE Worms and delighted to learn that the West End teachers brought the bins and worms to their personal homes to keep them safe and well-fed.  These same teachers kept the community informed with videos relaying their progress.  At West End Elementary School we are pollinator people and having the Hungry Bin has expanded our mission to educate students about the world around them as well as preserve pollinators.

- Tiffany

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Bring nature to your school

The Hungry Bin, coupled with Greentools' expertise, provides schools with a dynamic tool for fostering sustainability, reducing waste, and nurturing a love for the environment among students. Transform your school into a hub of eco-conscious learning with school composting programs that are educational, cost-effective, and environmentally impactful.

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