Home Composting

Join the sustainable revolution of home composting with the Hungry Bin! Whether you reside in a spacious home, a condominium, or an apartment, our innovative worm composting system transforms organic waste into a nutrient-rich resource for your garden. Join the movement of conscious individuals reducing waste and cultivating bountiful, organic gardens powered by worms!

Elevate Your Waste Management

The Gift of Nature: Worm Castings

Embrace the gift of nature every 2 to 4 months as Hungry Bin provides a tray of nutrient-packed worm castings. Sprinkle the castings around your plants directly or use them to brew compost tea, supporting robust plant growth.

Transform Waste into (Black) Gold

Reduce your environmental impact by composting up to 4 lbs. (2 kgs.) of organic waste daily thanks to the efficiency of compost worms. Witness your kitchen scraps transform into valuable nutrients for your vegetable plots and ornamental plants.

Liquid Gold for Your Plants

Every week, the Hungry Bin delivers up to a litre of nutrient-rich worm tea, a potent elixir for your home garden. Dilute it up to 10:1, and watch your plants thrive with this natural Rocket Fuel.

Why choose a Hungry Bin for your home?

Self-Sufficiency at Home

  • Fast and clean the Hungry Bin processes up to 4 lbs. (2 kgs) of waste per day. The best part is you can put it right by your door. It will not smell or attract flies or insects.
  • Multi-Use! Not only can you make the highest quality worm castings but Hungry Bin also makes the highest quality worm tea, at the same time!
  • Why purchase compost and fertilizer when you can create your own at home using the power of compost worms in your Hungry Bin?
  • Eco-Friendly: You will be saving food scraps from going into the land fill. Let Hungry Bin transform your kitchen waste into a valuable resource for your garden.

The Best Worm Farm

  • The Hungry Bin is a continuous flow-through worm composter so it does not rely on turning, stirring or mixing like a conventional composter. It uses a patented flow-through technology to continuously compost without your supervision.
  • The lid is at a handy height so you can put scraps in easily. No need to struggle with shifting trays or do any heavy lifting, simply harvest the castings from the tray when ready.
  • The Hungry Bin does not have a tap that can block or need replacing. The liquid drains through a filter straight into a tray.
  • Portable and Sturdy design. Because it is on wheels, the Hungry Bin can be easily moved.

Community Stories

Great Success From Start To Finish

We have owned the Hungry Bin Worm Farm for a number of years with great success from start to
finish. After having utilized many other vermi-composting systems, we have settled on this being the
best for our use/needs and have just purchased a 4th bin.
From start to finish, this system is a dream to use and the fact that it is on wheels and can be moved
from one area to another makes it very convenient. The footprint for this system really conserves the floor real estate (no more than
a standard rubbish can), yet produces an enviable amount of the Gardener's delight in Black Gold.

-Val C, Idaho

Small Footprint, High Output

The hungry bin has been the best worm farm that I've ever used. I've been worm composting for almost
ten years now and I've had nothing but success with the Hungry Bin.
The worm castings that I harvest are one of the primary ways that I fertilize all my home gardens. I make
compost tea with them weekly with amazing results.
Small footprint, high output, with a very simple process once you understand the fundamentals... and
there's no odor, which is ideal.

-Wesley H

Thriving Garden

I have been a vermicomposter for 17 years. I started with a homemade bin and continued because of all
the benefits of the Vermi castings. I decided to invest in the hungry bin because people see my garden
and want to buy vermi castings ftom me. My garden thrives because of these castings. The hungry bin has made it so easy to remove castings and use the vermi-tea.

-Lorraine C, North Carolina

Start your journey towards sustainable living with Hungry Bin – the future of home composting is here!

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